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Facility Management (or Facilities Management or FM)…

…is an integrated multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary field devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organization, often associated with the administration of office blocks, arenas, schools, convention centres, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, etc. However, FM facilitates on a much wider range of activities than just business services and these are referred to as non-core functions. Many of these are outlined in the presentation below but they do vary from one business sector to another.

FM has become highly competitive, subject to continuous innovation and development, under pressure to reduce costs and to add value to the core business of the client organisation where possible.

[IFMA – International Facilities Management Association]

Services or capabilities are categorised under the following headings;

  1. Hard Services:

Services which deal with the infrastructure, ie the physical elements of the infrastructure. Examples are:

– Operations and maintenance,

– Building fabric and fixtures, and

– Utilities

  1. Soft services:

Services which deal with the softer elements of the environment, largely comprising people management and services to customer both internal   and external

  1. Business services:

Building services are generally referred to as any other non-core activities which the client does not wish to deliver themselves.

  • Consulting (includes Heritage, Business Services, amongst others)
  • Project Management
  • Admin Support
  • Asset & Data Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Due Diligence & Feasibilities

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