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Cape Winds was appointed as consultants to oversee the following initiatives:


1. The Club House Project

Jive St. Augustine’s Cricket Club’s intention is to replace it’s condemned current club house with a new multi-purpose club house, estimated at R2 million. It is common knowledge that one of the reasons for the disintegration of positive behaviour in our youth and ensuing criminality aspects is the result of boredom and the lack of activities for the youth to engage in. The club therefore aims to be a catalyst for social change. Since the establishment of the club as a community-based organisation the focus as been on addressing youth needs through educational and sports programmes thus enhancing social cohesion and community-building through sporting activities.

The club is based in Elfindale, Cape Town. An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report done a few years back cites that this land should be purely allocated to Sports, Arts, and Education purposes. No housing development would be permitted on this land. The cricket oval is named after the late Basil D’Oliveira (MBE), the world-famous cricketer.


2. The History Book Project

Cape Winds has currently helped the club secure sponsorship of R30,000 from Western Cape Provincial Government Sports and Recreation Department and R10,000 from Pick ‘n Pay. Dr Francious Cleophas, a historian and lecturer at Stellenbosch University, was appointed to oversee the transcription of the rich history of the club. The club was established in 1899.


3. The D’Oliveira Foundation

Basil D’Oliveira played first-class cricket for more than three decades after his debut for Western Province in the Sir David Harris tournament in 1947/48. He became a well-known figure in international cricket. After his death late last year, the D’Oliveira family were approached by Harry Johnson, the well known South Africa sculptor, who does work for the South African Sports Hall of Fame, about doing a sculpture of the late Basil D’Oliveira. They have agreed to it on condition it can raise funds in his memory for cricket development in the Western Cape with the aim of benefitting WPCA and his former club, Jive St. Augustine’s Cricket Club. Ashraf Allie was nominated as a committee member for this Foundation.


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“Ashraf Allie is a creative thinker and dynamic professional who understands the requirements of sports clubs and does his level best to promote opportunities that can make these organizations self–sustainable.” I won’t hesitate to recommend his and his companies services. It gives me great pleasure to write this short recommendation as I am aware he spreads his time across various sports codes to assist and help them achieve their goals and objectives. Ashraf has high standards of integrity, honesty, faith in his ability and integrates this effectively in his business and with his team and associates.” “His passion and enthusiasm is infectious”

Moeen Ali – England, Worcestershire County and Jive St Augustine Cricket Club