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Iluba’s unique, environmentally-friendly patented treatment process allows cut roses and foliage to look and feel fresh for at least six months, and to retain their fragrance for extended periods – with no maintenance and no watering. And we select and preserve only premium fresh cut flowers to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

Iluba flowers and foliage are not only an obvious, and beautifully natural alternative to artificial flowers; they are also extremely versatile and suited to a wide range of décor applications and allow significant savings on the maintenance and replacement cost of fresh flowers. Our products also ensure year-round availability of a variety of flowers and foliage, while their unique properties allow for striking designs and floral features that are impossible to create with fresh flowers.

The Iluba range currently includes roses and a variety of complementary foliage, as well as a selection of ready-made décor applications.

  • Stemmed roses: Available in long (50-65cm), medium (39-49cm) and short (27-37cm) in a wide range of colours.
  • Rose heads: Available in mini (2.5-3.5cm), medium (4.5-5.5cm) and large (6.5-7.5cm) in a wide range of colours.
  • Foliage: A wide range of commonly used foliage in a variety of colours, including leather leaf, virginia green, viburnum, euryops, safari sunset, blush, jester, pittosporum, variegated pittosporum, tea bush, wax, asparagus, salix, aspidistra (large), spots (miniature aspidistra) and gyp.
  • Décor applications: Including bouquets, mass arrangements, arrangements for entrance halls, table arrangements, chair or pew décor, wall décor, wreaths, rose balls, gift boxes and window displays, as well as custom-made floral products for home, corporate, hospitality and event décor.