Cape Winds Homepage

Cape Winds is an integrated solutions company. We specialize in providing personalized solutions to meet innovative challenges. We are a 100% female owned business and proud of the fact that our resource base comprises primarily from our local communities, SME’s and women-owned businesses.

Cape Winds has an immense wealth of experience in its executive team and strategic alliance partners and associates. We have business relations with highly skilled professionals in Property Development, Facilities Management and Business Development & Support when the opportunities present itself where we can collaborate we have the support to deliver International and best practice Workplace Solutions. We are also proud members of the Cape Chamber of Commerce, amongst others.

We offer a myriad of services and specialize in Business and Mentoring Consulting Services, Property Development Management, Facilities Management, and Business Development. Cape Winds provides a single point of accountability through our macro management and technical support.

Why Outsource?

By Outsourcing You:

  1.     Reduce endless problem solving with maintenance tasks.
  2.     By outsourcing your non-core functions it allows for better and channeled focus on revenue streams and allows you to focus on your core functions.
  3.     Have a single point of reference for contractor management allowing you to have a single point of contact.
  4.     We can become a strategic tool by becoming an extension of your business making it more productive and profitable.
  5.     Have access to myriad of services through our collaborative partnerships.

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